Northwest Baggers, Inc.

ABH-100 Automatic Potato Bagger

Simple and easy to operate. Belts convey potatoes to weigh hopper. Accumulated weight is measured against the predetermined amount. Designed for the Potato Packing industry, this Northwest bagger is adaptable to your bagging needs. Potatoes are pre weighed & then dump into bag for more accurate weight measurements and faster operation. Northwest is always your best choice for fast, accurate, versatile bagging. Call us for your special needs.


  • Two lane conveyor
  • Bags 25-100 lbs.
  • Direct logic PLC
  • Runs on 220 VAC 3 phase
  • Easy to operate
  • Fed directly into weigh hopper, stops automatically when correct weight is reached


Dribble Feed Lane
For final weight measurement, individual potatoes are conveyed to weigh hopper to reach most accurate final weight possible.

Weigh Hopper
Potatoes are accumulated in hopper for faster operation. When weight reaches the predetermined level, conveyor lanes are stopped and bags are filled.

Four Station Carousel
Rotates after bin dump to allow removal of filled bag and placement of new bag.

Quick Panel Touch Screen
Allows operator control of PLC for machine operation and changeover to different weights. Panel shows accumulated weight during operation.

Bag Release Lever
Lever allows operator to quickly remove and replace bags during bagging operation.