Northwest Baggers, Inc.

AGB-NS Automatic Bagger

Simple and easy to operate. Singulator rolls separate and convey fruit past photo eyes. Weigh chute measures weight against a predetermined amount. A mechanical bag opener guides fruit into bags and an air blower opens bag for filling. Ideal for the Fruit Packing industry, this Northwest bagger is adaptable to your bagging needs. It is able to utilize count or weight determination systems to measure the amount of product to be placed in each bag. Northwest is always your best choice for fast, accurate, versatile bagging. Call us for your special needs.


  • Singulator belts
  • Direct Logic PLC
  • Runs on 110 VAC
  • Easy to operate
  • Fed directly into weigh chute, stops automatically when correct weight or count is reached



Singulator Rolls
alt textEasily separate and convey fruit to weigh chute. 



Photo Eyes
alt textCount fruit as it passes each eye when bagging operation is controlled by the number of fruit per bag.


Product Chute
alt textCollects and weighs fruit. When weight reaches the predetermined weight, singulator rolls are stopped. Can function by count, weight or both.


Bag Support
alt textAir blows open bags in preparation for filling. Adjustable for different bag sizes. Pivots from 30° to 90° to reduce bruising on soft fill.


L.E.D. Readout
alt textLinked to Direct Logic controller. Displays fruit count or weight, green light indicates when to fill bag.


Selector Switch
alt textDetermines style of operation, either count or weight determination. Different weights or counts may be predetermined for simple bag change over.